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Occultation by Ixion (2017-03-01)

mardi 28 mars 2017

Occultation map

Information about the map :

  • The straight and continue lines are the shadow limits considering the estimated radius ;
  • Each red dot is spaced by one minute, the nominal occultation time is to the big red dot (that is the geocentric closest approach) ;
  • The arrow shows the direction of the shadow motion ;
  • The precision that mainly depends on the object is about 20 mas and can be down to the mas level for specific object such as Pluto or Chariklo (1 mas corresponds to 0.7 x Δ in km where Δ is the geocentric distance of the body in au) ;
  • The star G* and J* are the G (from Gaia) and J (from 2MASS) magnitudes, normalized to a body moving at 20km/s in order to enhance very slow events ;
  • The body offset is at the upper right corner, if JPL ephemeris is used ;
  • Areas in dark grey correspond to full night (Sun elevation below -18 degrees) and areas in light grey correspond to twilight (Sun elevation between -18 and 0 degrees) while daytime is in white ;
  • Be careful, the dates are from the moment of the event in Universal Time, the night of the event may begin at the date before.

Occultation circumstances

Object (28978) Ixion
Size (km) 548

Sky map (Aladin)

Link to sky map