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Miosotys data scheme 2012

mardi 5 juin 2012, par Morlot Hugo

MIOSOTYS data scheme

All the data are stored choronically with sub-dictionaries :

|— calib (inc. fibre-star assignment file for MEFOS, named as YYYYMM_ObsId.ASS.)
|— raw (all the original SPE images)
|— reduced (stores reduced images and lcs in FITS format)
|— ObsId_images
|— ObsId_(tag)_lcs (tag is a unique label for different photometric process, for example "gf06")

Each ObsId is uniquely corresponded to its ObsDate. The same ObsId in the different ObsDate DO NOT necessarily have the same target configuration. For example, 20110322_2_TNO02_01 could be different from 20110323_2_TNO02_01, where "_2_" affix designates that the data is hardware binned by factor of 2. For each observation, its unique identification is to combine both ObsDate and ObsId.

ObsDate ObsId(s)

20120112 TNO01_01 TNO03_01
20120113 TNO01_01 EXO02_01
20120114 TNO01_01 TNO03_01
20120116 EXO01_01 TNO03_01
20120315 TNO02_01 TNO03_01
20120316 TNO02_01 TNO03_01
20120317 TNO03_01 TNO04_01
20120318 TNO03_01 TNO04_01
20120319 TNO03_01 TNO04_01