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UltraPhot - Mefos workshop

vendredi 18 décembre 2009, par Françoise Roques

workshop organisé les 14-16 janvier 2009 à l’Observatoire de Paris

The National Tsing Hua University and the Paris Observatory collaborate on the realisation of two
fibres photometers. These instruments are dedicated to fast and simultaneous photometry of
several targets in a large field : The installation of the "MEFOS" instrument on the 193 cm
telescope of OHP is in progress. The "UltraPhot" instrument is proposed to ESO for equipate the
VLT2.The PO and the NTHU collaborate for the realisation of these two complementary projects in a
three years program 2009-2011, funded by the French agency ANR and the Taiwanese agency NSC.
This workshop will provide a forum for the french and taiwanese communities to debate and
provide valuable feedback on how they expect the instrumental realisation and the scientific use of
these instruments.


The meeting will take place at "Observatoire de Paris" which is located 77 avenue Denfert Rochereau.

Useful information to access this location is available
and on the Observatoire website.

A map of Paris Observatory is available here

The métro station is Denfert-Rochereau

The meeting room is located at :
wednesday 14 : GEPI room (3rd floor bâtiment B)

thursday 15 : salle du Conseil (batiment Perrault)

friday 16 : GEPI room (3rd floor bâtiment B)

Practical informations

Internet connection
Internet connection is available at the meeting room (WiFi). Please ask Françoise Roques for login and password when you arrive.

Agenda of the meeting